Pro Sports Resistance Band - EXTRA EXTRA LIGHT

Pro Sports Resistance Band - EXTRA EXTRA LIGHT

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Push yourself to the limits with the Resistance Band

The resistance band is a heavy duty multifunctional piece of equipment, perfect for that workout when power and ultimate explosive strength are your goals.

Our extreme resistance band is a seamless loop of strong durable latex rubber which can be used in a variety of different ways to strengthen, tone and stretch your entire body muscle area. Regular use of our resistance bands can help you get fit, lose weight and achieve your own personal fitness goals.

The  Bands are widely used in fitness training programmes, cross fit, weightlifting, stretching, plyometrics, rehab and many other regimes.


  • The Resistance Power Band is a heavy duty band designed to help you get fit and achieve your fitness goals.
  • Seamless construction from strong latex rubber for unrivalled elasticity.
  • Use as part of cross fit, weight and general fitness training programmes.
  • Multi-functional, lightweight, easily portable.
  • Length - 1040 mm
  • Circumference - 2080 mm 
  • Width - 6.4 mm
  • Thickness - 4.5 mm
  • Power / Strength - 5 - 15 lbs

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