Bravely Default II For Nintendo Switch

  • الشركة : Sony
  • النوع : Bravely Default II
  • متوفر
203.00 AED شامل ضريبة القيمة المضافة

الكممية قليلة: متبقى 2

- الوقت المتوقع للتوصيل 1:2 أيام عمل

- أو الاستلام من معرض جودكان الإتجاهات

Bravely Default II For Nintendo Switch

                                                                                            Dare to risk it all

Explore a new world as you fight for survival with your customized team of heroes in the Bravely Default II game, a strikingly beautiful RPG adventure. Balance risk and reward in turn-based battles with the Brave and Default commands.


Unleash power with BRAVE

Use the Brave command to spend Brave Points and string together up to four actions you can perform in a single turn.


Accumulate power with DEFAULT

Use the Default command to bank your action for that turn—and earn a Brave Point for doing so.


Meet the Heroes of Light

Follow the story of a young sailor as he sets out on a grand adventure and meets plenty of friends (and foes) along the way.


Build your own customized team

Defeat bosses to acquire character jobs, each with their own set of distinct abilities. The more you learn, the more tactics you’ll wield.








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