SOLD OUT AMOUAGE Gold for Him - Eau de Parfum 100ml + Shower Gel 300ml Gift Set




Size: Eau de Parfum 100ml + Shower Gel 300ml




Amouage GOLD Man Shower Gel 300ml




Indulge in a luxurious shower or bath with Amouage Gold Man Shower Gel 300ml. Transforming into a fabulous foam, it will gently cleanse and condition your skin, so you feel refreshed and invigorated from head to toe. Fragranced with the intoxicating aroma of the Gold Man EDP, it will leave your skin lightly scented with a spicy, heady accord. Boasting a moisturizing formula, it will hydrate and moisturise your skin to give it a soft, smooth and supple texture..


Description For Use

- Apply to wet skin and massage into a lather


- Rinse thoroughly


- Alternatively, for under running water for a luxurious bath


Amouage Gold Man Fragrance 100ml




Top Notes: : Rose, Lily of the Valley, Frankincense


• Heart Notes: Myrrh, Orris, Jasmine


• Base Notes: Ambergris, Civet, Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss








Amouage Gold- both Man and Woman- was created in 1983 by Guy Robert as the first perfume for this Oman-based house (founded by the Sultan of Oman, no less). It was obviously meant to make a statement of opulence and royalty. Also, it smells very French: an aldehydic floral with a generous and rich base. If that makes you think of Chanel No. 5 you're not wrong. At least the way Chanel No. 5 used to be.



Amouage Gold Woman has that carefully blended abstract floral core. The husband says it's rosy, but to me Gold is just as much about delicate jasmine and muguet as it is about rose.The fragrance feels ornamental and gilded, yet very balanced. The aldehydes send the first round of fireworks into the stratosphere, and they form elaborate designs in the air and on skin. Gold feel celebratory- there's something about most Amouage perfumes that make them perfect for black tie events- and fit for a queen. As long as the queen is a fan of ambery sandalwood bases that are laced with civet, that is (but who isn't?).




Amouage Gold Woman feels out of time, which also probably means not of this time. I don't know how well Hermes Caleche is doing these days, but a perfume that feels and smells like its haughty and more expensive sibling might be somewhat challenging for a modern perfume shopper. Then again, if you're perfume shopping at Amouage most chances are that you've smelled a thing or two in your life and you're not expecting a L'Eau d'Issey experience. As long as you're ready for an olfactory rococo and have the willingness to go with it, you're golden. .



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Gender Masculine

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AMOUAGE Gold for Him - Eau de Parfum 100ml + Shower Gel 300ml Gift Set

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