BenQ CDR 10 Slim Jewel Case
BenQ CDR 10 Slim Jewel Case

BenQ CDR 10 Slim Jewel Case

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BenQ CDR 10 Slim Jewel Case

Offering the storage capacity of 700mb of data or 80 minutes of digital audio, benq's cdr media enables you to keep your memories, whether music, images or data, for years to come. It offers the unique dataguard™ technology that protects data from corruption. Benq's dataguard™ technology utilises its triple data protection to guard your valuable digital data, photos or music from sunlight, scratches, humidity and other environmental challenges that surround us. Packaged in a 10 pack slim jewel case box, or 25, 50 or 100 spindle case, benq's cdr media is also easily stored.

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