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Shaikh Opulent Shaik No.77 BLUE EDP Parfum For Men 100 ml 3.4 oz The olfactory creations from Designer Shaik are hard to get by  , therefore I recommend you to sample them at any time you are offered with his opportunity. I was lucky enough to test every one of their two masculine fragrances released so far, and subsequent to these tests I felt transported into an oriental world of magic

Country: Bahrain

Main activity: Fragrances

Brand website: link

Luxury goods house Designer Shaik Inc is a new brand founded in 2007 in Bahrein. The house targets travel retailers with a range of exclusive accessories in special packaging. The company has specialized in producing high-class fragrances, jewelry, gifts and fashion goods. Their motto is: Inspired legend… Opulence, style… Being exceptional is you!

Shaik is a mysterious prince of the desert, gorgeous and powerful, invisible and ever-present he gives riches with his generous hand and blessed are those who meet him... Shaik is a selective fragrance line born in Arabia, in fairy-taley Bahrain, created without much restriction in components, as a fairytale does not know limitations, as well as its founder Mohammed Al Asfoor in his desire to present it to us.

The brand strives to combine the romantic vision of the Orient and the style and practicality of the West. They create an emotional and intellectual bridge between the East and the West. Passionate and romantic perfumes of the brand reflect the image of Sheik and bring a piece of ancient, mythical Arabia. Special attention is paid to values behind the brand and products, as well as to outer cartons. All fragrances are made and bottle by hand using the finest French ingredients in Arabic style.

The first collection was launched in 2007, its name is Opulent Blue and is composed of two jewels – Opulent Shaik No 33 for women and Opulent Shaik No 77 for men.

Both are opulent inside and outside, each composed of more than hundred components, natural oils and essences from the south of France. The bottles are the masterpieces from France and Italy, each adorned with decorative elements such as silver, and Swarowski crystals for the Classic editions, and gold, sapphires and diamonds for Precious editions.

The plan is to issue even more luxurious edition with platinum – Platinum, as well as a collection of precious wrist watches and opening of own boutiques.

The bottle of the men's fragrance Opulent (100ml (3.4 fl.oz.)) is reminiscent of Bedouin dress blowing in wind. Stabile, heavy and beautiful, the bottle is just like a strong and romantic prince of the desert. The composition includes countless precious components: spices, precious woods, irresistible musk, wild flowers and herbs.

The bottle of the women's fragrance (40ml (1.39 fl.oz.)) is designed in a shape of traditional short double bladed dagger called khunja, and is reminiscent of seductive curves of a woman's body... The composition is created of spices as well, with woodsy, musk, and wild flowers notes, only softer and feminine.

Designer Shaik perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 2007 and the newest is from 2013.

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Size 100ml
Dilution Classes Eau de Parfum

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DESIGNER SHAIK Opulent Shaik No.77 Eau De Parfum For Men 100ml

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