Diller - D1404, Thermostatic Dell Model Capacity 0.45 liters

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Diller - D1404, Thermostatic Dell Model Capacity 0.45 liters

Diller - D1404




The thermos are considered to be the essential ingredients that are most considered in the heat season. Thermoses have different body material and can be made of plastic, glass or metal. The D1404 D1404 Thermometer The 0.45 liter capacity is one of the high quality and unique products for everyday use. The review of this product is well featured.





The first thing to see when looking at the thermos is its body. The body of the thermometer, the D1404's Dell Deller, has a capacity of 0.45 liters of glass, with transparent bodies, but is designed to protect its glass body by wearing silicone plastics on it and has a hole to see its contents.




The D1404's thermostat has a capacity of 0.45 liters in screw-up so you can easily drink water and also fill or empty the thermos at any time. Also, it's easy to rinse it due to the diameter of the large crater.

Leak Proof

This product has a strap for easy carrying. This strap hangs alongside the product and you move the thermos by throwing it around the wrist or carrying the handwriting.






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