Diller - D8650, Thermostatic
Diller - D8650, Thermostatic

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Diller - D8650, Thermostatic

Diller - D8650




Thermos is one of the products that are used in various types of exercise to quench thirst or exercise. The D8650 Thermal Dollar Dollar Capacity 0.6L is the perfect choice for everyday use or sports activities. The body material of this product is made of plastic and can not be damaged in the event of impact. It also comes as a towel so you can easily open or close it simply by pressing it. It is said to have a tubular design to make drinking water easy, as well as emptying or emptying this thermoset. Having a small plastic handle also makes it easy to carry the thermos at a time when it's thirsty. The D8650 thermometer has a capacity of 0.6 liters of lightweight, and can be portable with water filling in your bag or backpack.





The first thing that comes to our attention with the D8650 D650's thermal tank is 0.63 liters. Its body is clear. If you are going to choose a thermos, it's best to see the thermos at the time of filling or emptying. This thermometer has a clear body and is also a great quality quiz for sports exercises.




One of the most important issues in choosing a thermos is the type of water outlet that does not leak out when its contents are used. At the same time, it's easy to open and close. In the thermostat of the D8650 model, the capacity of 0.6 liters is tightened and closed with the push of only one button. You can open it in a screwdriver and empty and empty the container from water or fluids.

Leak Proof

The D8650 Thermal Dollar is a 0.6-liter thermo-sports thermometer and is available in several colors. This thermos is a good option for everyday use in hot summer weather or sports activities. Drinking water with this thermos is easy and its desirable quality can be one of your favorite thermos.






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