Diller - MLH8465, Dishwasher Thermos Container Hot & Cold
Diller - MLH8465, Dishwasher Thermos Container Hot & Cold

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Diller - MLH8465, Dishwasher Thermos Container Hot & Cold

For short trips or fatigue, after an hour, you need to eat more warm drinks. The MLH8465 Diller Flask of 0.5L capacity can be one of your choices in having a small flask that also has a small amount of space in your bag. The fuselage is made of stainless steel, which resists impact. It also has a longer lifespan and does not go away with washing. If you look at the design inside the flask, you'll see a pocket-sized cap that makes drinking fluids easier in the flask. It also makes it easy to open and close the flask in the screwdriver and you can fill the fluid inside it. The MLH8465 Diller Flask has a capacity of 0.5 liters for being in the work or outdoors area to always have a hot drink.

The ability to maintain temperature for several hours is one of the most important features that a regular flask should have. The Diller Flask, the MLH8465, has a solid, sturdy body and is one of the suggested options for everyday use, work, sports, and more.

Glass against glass

The exterior (body) and also the insulation of this flask are made of stainless steel 304, in addition to helping maintain fluid temperatures, it has a long life span. One of the advantages of using steel in comparison to glass in the flask insulation section is the non-combining of harmful chemicals with beverages; besides, the glass breaks in the form of thermal shock (cold or sudden heating) and, as a result, makes the flask unusable.

The Diller flask has a height of 22.5 centimeters and is simply placed inside the back pockets of the backpack as well as inside the handbag chests; in addition, it provides enough cold and warm drinks inside it .

For this flask, two caps are designed and made with different uses. One of the caps is plastic and there are small cavities on it. These holes will make it easier to remove the fluid (removing the body from the flask).

You might imagine that the cavities on the first cap would spill out the fluids, but we must say that the second cap is designed to prevent the pouring of beverages after clamping on the body.

The most important feature of the Diller flask is the ability to maintain a cool and warm air temperature for a relatively long time. Steel Insulation This flask is capable of maintaining your desired drink temperature from 6 to 12 hours.

The Diller Flask The MLH8465, in addition to its relatively sturdy and rugged body, has a beautifully colored and joyful color so that everyone can choose the best according to their taste. This product is desirable and desirable, in comparison with very expensive products, it is considered to be a better idea.

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