Diller - MLH8689 Flask capacity of 0.4 liters
Diller - MLH8689 Flask capacity of 0.4 liters

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Diller - MLH8689 Flask capacity of 0.4 liters

The flasks keep the cold and hot beverages at a certain time. In the summer, cold drinks and warm drinks in the winter are hearty and enjoyable. The MLH8689-400 Flask Diller has a capacity of 0.4 liters, all features of a high-quality flask. Its first feature is the appearance of a Diller flask that does not occupy much space in the bag, making it easier to transport. This product is made of stainless steel and in addition to high resistance to impact, the taste and smell of the drink also do not change. The stainless-steel insulation of this product also makes it easy to blow your imagination away from the inside because it does not look like glass and you can use it again. The MLH8689-400 Dollar Flask The capacity of 0.4 liters is a beautiful and practical choice for any type of activity.

Flask Diller Model MLH8689-400 Capacity 0.4 liters

Holidays and picnics are an important part of life. You need to have the tools to travel, day-today activities and even fun to enjoy good times. For convenient access to a variety of hot and cold drinks outside the home, a good product like the MLH8689-400 Flask Deller offers a good 0.4L capacity. In addition to preserving the temperature of the beverages, this flask can also be used with its own design as a dehumidifier. To learn more about the features of the flask, we'll describe some of its features in this section.

The body

The total height (including the cap) of the flask is 19.5 centimeters and its capacity is equal to 400 ml; therefore, keeping the fluids inside the flask is sufficient for one person. This small size makes it possible to safely hold the flask inside the backpack and suitcase side pockets.

Series design

For the preparation of tea, tea, coffee and ... Inside this flask, a stainless-steel net is designed for it. By putting this net on the mouth and pouring dry herbs in it, you can make your favorite drink in the shortest possible time.

The Diller Flask has a cap that is open and closed screwdriver. This cap is designed to properly cover the flask nozzle and thus prevent the discharge of liquids (when carrying the flask).

Steel or glass?

The stainless steel 304 has been used in the construction of the body as well as the insulation of the Diller flask. This type of metal helps maintain the temperature of the beverages and is better resistant to impact. One of the advantages of using steel in contrast to the glass in the flask insulation section is the non-combining of harmful chemicals with beverages; in addition, the glass breaks in the event of a thermal shock (cold or sudden heating) if the steel does not suffer from such a problem.

At the time of rest, drinking a favorite drink looks very cool, so having a flask like the MLH8689-400's Flask Diller, the capacity of 0.4 liters is necessary to enjoy the outside of the house. This simple but designed product is of high quality and does not create an unpleasant smell for your drink.


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