Promate Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad, Ergonomic High-Speed Laptop Cooling Pad with 4 Silent Cooling Fan, Dual USB Port, Adjustable Height, LED Speed Display, Cable Organizer and Ani-Slip Grip for Laptops up to 17 Inch, AirBase-3 Black

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Promate Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad, Ergonomic High-Speed Laptop Cooling Pad with 4 Silent Cooling Fan, Dual USB Port, Adjustable Height, LED Speed Display, Cable Organizer and Ani-Slip Grip for Laptops up to 17 Inch, AirBase-3 Black

AirBase-3 features 4 high-speed fans that generate cool air to keep the laptop running efficiently and prevent overheating. The rubber grips on the surface of the AirBase-3 keep your laptop in place to provide a sturdy workspace. The fan speed can be controlled, to maintain an optimum temperature of your laptop. The fans are working to dissipate heat quickly and work silently. The device plugs directly into the USB port and no additional power is required.


Keep Your Laptop Looking and Feeling Cool:
The Promate AirBase-3 sleek, rustic design that complements your laptop perfectly, while its extra-large, extra-quiet fan is the perfect way to keep your laptop cool while you work. Just rest your laptop on the stand, plug the USB-A adapter in (no external power is required) and feel the heat dissipate from your laptop within seconds.

Dual USB Ports:
The AirBase-3 cooling pad consists of two USB Ports. One port conveniently powers the pad with no requirement for a power adapter, while the latter can be used to connect phones, hard drives, keyboards and other USB devices. This enables you to use all your devices while keeping your computer at its optimal temperature. Your computer will stay cool while you work, study, or play games. The two-port design ensures user convenience. A USB cable is included in the box so that you may begin using the product immediately.

Powered by Your Laptop's USB-A Port:
In keeping with the eco-friendly mission of the Promate AirBase-3, it doesn't require any external power source to work, making it a light, space-friendly solution for laptop cooling. Simply plug its USB connector into the USB-A port on your laptop and you'll be ready to go.

Powerful and Quiet:
The laptop cooling pad features 4 Fan 140mm fans designed to prevent your laptop from overheating by pulling in cool air while maintaining a low profile. RED LED lights indicate that the pad is working so that you may easily detect when the fans are on, especially at night. Rolling the rotary controller adjusts the fan speed. Quiet fans create a noise-free & interference-free environment for you.

Adjustable Fan Power and LED Brightness:
Adjustable fan speed gives you the best balance between silence and performance. Features an adjustable wheel that controls the power of the fans and LED lights. Increased lighting with increased fan power. Set the fan speed to the maximum at the beginning and slow down when the laptop has been cooled down for optimum performance. The LEDs illuminate through the mesh and add to the aesthetics of this product.

Ergonomic Design:
Ergonomically designed for better viewing and typing angle, allowing you to work or play on your laptop for prolonged periods without straining your neck, back and wrist. Great at home or in the office for all-day viewing.

Maximum Convenience and Comfort:
Ensuring comfort at every level, we've designed our stand to be adjustable. The durable construction featuring multiple height settings allows you to raise or lower the stand to your desired height for the greatest flexibility. The position and viewing angles of your screen and keyboard are upgraded to create a more comfortable user experience. Along with the adjustable feet, the non-slip EVA pad supports and stabilizes your laptop.

Metal Mesh Surface:
The perforated metal mesh surface enables excellent airflow and greater heat displacement. The full range metal mesh can enhance the cooling performance by up to 25%. It creates a continuous and evenly dispersed air flow beneath your laptop to rapidly dissipate the huge amount of heat generated by the CPU and GPU trapped in the laptop housing.

Nylon Braided Cable:
A durable USB cable is included to power the cooling pad through your laptop. This Nylon braided USB cable is tangle-free and robust. Ensures smooth functioning of your device by preventing any damage.

Cable Management:
Convenient bottom USB cable wrap. Wrap excess cables around built-in cable management loops, making it travel-friendly without having to search for the power cable also keeps your desk look neat and clean if used at home or work.

AirBase-3 is a lightweight, compact laptop cooling pad that was designed to deliver both effective cooling as well as portability. The thin body and lightweight design let you put it in your laptop bag or suitcase with almost no extra bulkiness, allowing you to take it wherever you go and cool your laptop anytime you want. Your laptop deserves better protection with an optimal cooling solution. 

Anti-Skid Baffle:
To prevent the laptops from sliding, the anti-skid baffle acts as a support at the base for the laptop ensuring more safety for your device, while enjoying different viewing angles whether you are working or gaming.

Compatible with All Laptops Up To 17"
This laptop cooling pad is designed to create superb comfort for all laptop users. It supports a variety of laptop sizes up to 17'', and the extremely sturdy polished metal mesh provides a stable surface for you to enjoy working on the computer.

Brand Promate
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