-16% OFF Tenda Nova MW12 3-Pack AC2100 WiFi Router Upto 6000 Sq.Ft Coverage

  • Brand: Tenda
  • Model: Nova MW12 3Pack
AED 1038.46
AED 873.18 Inclusive of VAT
  • WiFi standards: IEEE 802.11ac/a/n (5 GHz), IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz), wave 2
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz (2.4 GHz - 2.4835 GHz), 5 GHz (5.15 GHz - 5.25 GHz; 5.47 GHz - 5.725 GHz; 5.725 GHz - 5.85 GHz)
  • Transmission speed: 2034 Mb/s (2.4GHz 300Mb/s + 2x 5GHz 867Mb/s)
  • WiFi roaming + Mesh: IEEE 802.11k/v/r + IEEE 802.11
  • QoS: SMART QoS, 802.11e WMM
  • SMART management: Amazon Alexa
  • Number of connected devices: max. 120 devices
  • Maximum number of satellites within one network: 12 satellites
  • Coverage of 3 satellites: 600 m2
  • Coverage of 12 satellites: 2400 m2
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Tenda Nova MW12 3-Pack AC2100 WiFi Router Upto 6000 Sq.Ft Coverage

Product function description

Three-band wireless WiFi Mesh system to cover the whole house. All three parts of the system (nodes, satellites, modules) communicate with each other and each creates additional wireless coverage of your house. All satellites communicate simultaneously in the 2.4GHz (300 Mbps) and 2x 5GHz (2x 867 Mbps) bands, with a total WiFi speed of up to 2100 Mbps. Thanks to the ring communication, much higher coverage and stable speed are ensured than, for example, the WiFi router solution with extenders. In addition, the WiFi network looks like only one (single SSID), you no longer have to switch between several networks. The individual satellites automatically switch your terminal device according to where you are, without any downtime or your perception. E.g. When making calls over the Internet, you can move freely between the floors of your house, around the garden, and the individual satellites switch your mobile phone to each other so quickly that there is not a single outage or interruption. In addition, it is possible to purchase additional satellites and thus increase the network coverage up to 2400 m2. The maximum is a total of 12 satellites.

Key properties

WiFi system for complete and stable coverage of the whole house. There are 3 satellites in the basic package and it is possible to buy more to increase the coverage of the system, a total of up to 12 satellites in the network. All satellites in this system are interconnected and form a single network. For higher speed and stability, all satellites provide wireless three-band communication at 2.4 and 2x 5 GHz, so it will not be a problem to connect all WiFi devices (tablets, mobile phones, TV, etc.). Each satellite contains four internal antennas (3 dBi each) as well as three Gigabit LAN ports for connecting other devices by wire (NAS server, printer, PC). Completely uninterrupted signal of a unified WiFi network with a huge coverage of up to 600 square meters with 3 satellites. Coverage 2400m2 with 12 satellites.

All satellites communicate with each other completely automatically, just connect the main satellite to the Internet with a cable, just connect other satellites to the power supply. Thanks to the signal strength indication from other satellites, you will know exactly which location of the next satellite is the best.

Maximum coverage

Tenda MW12 is a new Mesh system for quality WiFi network coverage. It has a WiFi speed of 2100 Mb/s, and is designed to cover up to 2400 m2 of houses/apartments. With support for IEEE 802.11k/v/ra roaming protocols, Mesh IEEE 802.11s supports automatic network optimization and automatic routing selection, allowing you to enjoy a more stable and flexible wireless network.

Support 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time

There are several advantages to using both bands. Ideal distribution method: - 2.4GHz: web browsing, file downloads, emails, etc. - 5GHz: Online gaming, HD video streaming, especially applications where latency is important. The 2.4GHz band is also very noisy in larger buildings or prefabricated houses, and so performance degradation to a lower level, so WiFi routers from the environment interfere with each other. When using 5GHz, you do not have to worry about this. Signal coverage is provided by a total of 12 3 dBi antennas (each satellite 4x 3 dBi).

Even a three-storey house can have quality and reliable WiFi network coverage

Thanks to the Mesh and Beamforming technologies, all satellites of the network communicate with each other and with large and high-quality coverage. Just place the individual elements on the floors. If the coverage is not sufficient, it is possible to connect a maximum of nine more satellites to MW12. In total, it is possible to operate 12 satellites of the unified Mesh network.

Seamlessly play and stream 8K HD videos simultaneously

With MU-MIMO technology, it supports MW12simultaneous communication of multiple devices in a wireless network. Smart QoS intelligently allocates bandwidth to ensure smooth streaming of up to 8K videos, online games, downloads and continuous video chatting simultaneously.

Continuous video call while on the move

Thanks to Mesh technology, your wireless WiFi network will contain only one name and one password. No more as in the caseof extenders and other APs in the network. MW12 automatically transfers client equipment (phone, tablet, etc.) from one satellite to another without service interruption. The client device is thus always connected to a stronger satellite without downtime.

Easy and fast setup

The 3 satellites included in the package are already paired together at the factory. All you have to do is connect the main satellite to the Internet with a cable and deploy other satellites around the house. Setting up a network to your liking is a matter of seconds.

SMART Application "Tenda WiFi" in Czech

Application for Smart mobile phones/tablets "Tenda WiFi", thanks to which you control and set MW12. The application is in Czech. For example, you can allow WiFi to visit, block some users, set up WiFi, and support parental controls. Furthermore, performance settings, Upload/Download monitoring and other settings.

WiFi for visiting (Guest Network)

MW12 can also set up a network to visit the "Guest Network" for WiFi 2.4 GHz and also for 5 GHz, including the time the permit is to last.


MW12 supports great security options. The latest WPA, WPA2, mixedWPA/WPA2 always with PSK and TKIP or AES encryption.

Brand Tenda
Dimension (WXDXH) 357 x 175 x 115 mm
Speed Rating Transmission speed: 2034 Mb/s (2.4GHz 300Mb/s + 2x 5GHz 867Mb/s)
Wireless Range Up to 6000 Square Feet
Weight 3 Kg
Network and Connectivity
WiFi IEEE 802.11ac/a/n (5 GHz), IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz), wave 2
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