ViewSonic VG2740V, 27inch, IPS, Full HD Video, Conferencing Monitor

  • Brand: Viewsonic
  • Model: VG2740V
AED 1415.00 Inclusive of VAT
  • Built-in Full HD webcam and microphone
  • Adjustable vertical angles for greater frame control
  • Webcam slide cover ensures total security and privacy
  • Ergonomic flexibility with quick release stand
  • Minimized Total Cost of Ownership
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ViewSonic VG2740V, 27inch, IPS, Full HD Video, Conferencing Monitor

ViewSonic VG2740V, 27inch,  IPS, Full HD Video, Conferencing Monitor

The ViewSonic VG2740V is a 27 ” Full HD videotape conferencing examiner aimed to deliver out-of-the-box videotape conferencing and high-quality live streaming capability. The erected-in Full HD webcam allows you to fluently acclimate the perpendicular angles to more frame yourself during VC calls and produce further engaging content through assorted camera angles, while the ready-to-use cover slide ensures grand sequestration and screen when not in use. furnishing the full diapason of ergonomic inflexibility, the VG2740V can cock, swivel, pivot, and height acclimate to acclimatize to any format or workflow, and the unusual inbuilt microphones and binary 2W chairpersons ensure you can hear and be heard with absolute clarity and professionalism. connected with the Display Manager productivity software for effective multi-tasking and simplified on- movie exposition control, the VG2740V is the comprehensive result for anybody appearing for a professional live streaming or videotape massage experience.

An All- in- one videotape Conferencing and reside Streaming format

Complete with an erected-in Full HD webcam, microphone, binary 2W chairpersons, and supporting software, the VG2740V delivers high-quality, out-of-the-box videotape conferencing and streaming capability.

further Control Over How You’re discerned

fluently acclimate the perpendicular angles of the webcam up to 5 stages both ways to insure you, your platoon or your content is impeccably formed every time.

A simple Slide Cover Ensures sequestration and screen

The erected-in webcam includes a ready-to-use slide cover to insure comprehensive sequestration and screen when not in use. Slide it open when the camera is on and exclusively slide it makes when you’re done.

comprehensive Ergonomic Inflexibility

painlessly wheel the exposition up to 120 stages, cock up to 40 stages, elevate the exposition up to 130 mm, or pivot 90 stages for portrayal viewing. The VG2740V offers a full range of ergonomic inflexibility for every task and workflow.

Crisp Audio for All Through erected- in chairpersons and Microphones

ensure quality audio in all videotape calls and reside aqueducts with unusual inbuilt microphones and binary 2W chairpersons aimed to deliver demitasse clear sound for you and your listeners.

readyMulti-tasking for swelled effectiveness

Work smart with effective OSD command and control through vDisplay Manager. epitomize cleft-movie exhibits, and bus-launch operations, and customize exposition settings to maximize multitasking capacities and common effectiveness.

constantly emotional from All Angles

SuperClear ® IPS panel technology delivers the same top-class image quality from over, below, front, and side for accurate and pictorial colors with harmonious brilliance from any side. IPS Panel

Advanced Eye-Care Technology

Eliminate eye strain and fatigue after long ages of use with Film- Free technology and a Blue Light Filter. fluently access the settings via vDisplay Manager and preset substantiated brilliance and discrepancy situations for nonidentical moments of the day.

Royal Installation in 4 Easy Steps

Immediate assembly with no moxie needed. exclusively open the box, squinch the base to the quick-release stage, snap the stage into position utilizing the places, and lift the completely assembled exposition out of the box.

Eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging

The VG2740V is packed in paper-grounded packaging for ready discarding through recycling. The verdant thinking is corroborated with phase holes and mono-color printing to shake any plastics and adulterants.

Certified Environmental Sustainability

This is an ENERGY STAR-certified product that can save on dynamism charges * while reducing hothouse feasts. Achieved TCO certified exhibits9.0 recognition for sustainability and registered as an EPEAT Silver product, the VG2740V delivers a downgraded environmental jolt over the course of its lifecycle. * dynamism savings may vary grounded on the factual operation and other procurators.

Resolution Support FHD (Full HD)
Panel Type IPS Technology
Display Size 27 in
Viewable Area 27
Resolution 1920 x 1080
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