Sencor STM 3620WH, Stainless Steel Food Mixer 4 Liters, 600watts

Sencor STM 3620WH, Stainless Steel Food Mixer 4 Liters, 600watts

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Product Description


Ideal for preparing larger amounts of dough, cream, whipped cream, foam, etc.

4-litre Stainless steel bowl

Capacity to prepare up to 1.6 kg of dough


4 exchangeable attachments:

•    kneading hook (for heavy and tough yeast dough)

•    A-shaped mixing whisk (for creams and light dough without yeast)

•    balloon beating whisk (for whipping cream, egg whites, etc.)

•       Pouring shield


Bayonet attachment mounting system enables fast assembly and exchange

Planetary kneading, mixing and whipping system.

•    The attachments simultaneously rotate around their own axis as well as around the axis of the gearbox

•    able to process 100 % of the bowl's contents

•    guarantees the perfect mixing of ingredients compared to competitor's systems

All attachments have a special collar that protects the gearbox from being soiled during operation

The special shape and design of the balloon beating whisk for fluffy egg white foam and perfectly made whipped cream (increase in volume of 500 % for egg whites and 200 % for cream)

6 speeds (52, 87, 112, 122, 136 and 172 rpm)

The pulse system enables a short operation at the maximum power level (172 rpm).

Tilt-out arm for easy handling and easier exchange of attachments

Lock-in safety in the top position of the tilt-out arm

Easy cleaning (dishwasher-safe removable stainless steel bowl)

Anti-slip feet with suction cups

Space for winding up the power cord under the base

Back-lit speed control knob

Thermal fuse against overheating

Power input 600 W

Length of the power cord: 1 m

Dimensions with the bowl (width x depth x height): 362 x 213 x 305 mm

Dimensions without the bowl (width x depth x height) 362 x 187 x 305 mm

Dimensions of the bowl (diameter x height): 213 x 154 mm

Weight (including the bowl and all attachments): 4.4 kg

Voltage and frequency: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz



Item specifics

  • Brand Sencor

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