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Dvd+rw 4x 10pk Showbox Imation 4.7gb 15-lang

29.00 AED

Imation DVD+RW media can hold up to 4.7GB of information, which translates to more than two hours of high quality video. DVD+RW media can be rewritten up to 1,000 times, ideal for the combined storage of large capacity video, music, photo and data files...

Dvd-r 16x 50pk Spindle Imation 4.7gb 15-lang

49.00 AED

The era of High Definition TV and large capacity optical storage is here and Imation DVD - R 4.7 GB (50 Pcs/Spindle) is ready for it. With DVD/High Definition media, you have huge storage capacities and incredible sound and picture quality. Recording films, creating interactive training, backing up or archiving massive amounts of data are just a fe..

DVD-R 16x 10pk Spindle Imation 4.7GB 15-Lang 10/Shipper

29.00 AED

Product descriptionImation 21748 - IMATION DVD+R 16X 10PK SPINDLE IMATION DVD+R 4.7GB 16X..

CDR 52x 100pk Spindle Imation 700mb 15-Lang 2/Shipper

79.00 AED

Product featuresIMATION cd-r media 52x 700mb 80min bulk nl silver thermal spindle 100-pk 17276Product descriptionDescription:Experience the ultimate in data storage with Imation 52x CD-R Discs. Store and share any combination of digital images, data, music and more. The write-once format stores information permanently, and offers great performance ..

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