Promate Emergency Lanterns, Portable LED Camping Lantern with Emergency USB Power Bank 10000mAh 5 LED Mode and 5W Wireless Speaker for Hiking, Fishing, Outdoor, Emergency, CampMate-2 Red

Promate Emergency Lanterns, Portable LED Camping Lantern with Emergency USB Power Bank 10000mAh 5 LED Mode and 5W Wireless Speaker for Hiking, Fishing, Outdoor, Emergency, CampMate-2 Red

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Item specifics

  • Brand Promate
  • Color Red
  • Battery 10000mAh
  • Bluetooth Version v4.2

Product Description

CampMate-2 is an all in one kit for all camping enthusiasts. A rugged wireless speaker with a powerful 10000mAh backup battery and LED light. Countless features in one compact and lightweight product. CampMate-2 is one indispensable companion for your overnight camping trips. The super bright LED lights are powerful enough to use in the darkest environments. CampMate-2, a one-stop solution for all your adventures.


The Perfect Adventure Companion:
CampMate-2 is the perfect companion for all the adventurers. Its feature packed and ultra-compact to go along with you wherever and whenever. CampMate-2 features a 10000mAh Power Bank, Super Powerful LED Light, SOS light and includes a High Definition, 5-watt speaker.

Big Brightness in a Small Form Factor:
Lightweight and portable super-bright LED lantern should never be left behind on outdoor adventures (or indoor excursions). With a compact frame, adjustable brightness settings, three different lighting modes and so much more, you'll never want to be without this lantern again as you head off into the great outdoors.

Powerful Bluetooth Speaker:
CampMate-2 has a High Definition 5-Watt Speaker to ensure you have the best quality of music playback no matter the location. Just connect to the speaker via Bluetooth v4.2, and you can enjoy quality music with crystal clear sound and deep base anywhere. The powerful speaker makes sure that wherever you go, you get quality music and audio along with you.

High Capacity Power Bank 10000mA :
10000mAh power bank to charge your cell phone tablet anywhere, anytime. Almost 3 times charges (over 48 hours talk time) to an iPhone 8, almost 2 full charge to a Galaxy S8. You can keep your cell phone Power ON all day when hiking, camping, fishing, cycling BBQ and other outdoor sports.

Charge on the Go:
The CamppMate-2 features a 10000mAh inbuilt battery. The inbuilt Power Bank make sure that you never run out of power in between your adventures. With CampMate-2 you can recharge your smartphones twice with one complete charge.

USB Charging Ports:
As an added feature, the integrated USB slots enabling the charging of phones, tablets, and other mobile devices or read; set CampMate-2 Indoor, Outdoor and charge your smartphone, fitness band and Bluetooth earbuds on the go. 

Ultra-Bright and Powerful LED Light:
CampMate-2 features a super bright LED Light with 5 power modes to brighten the darkest areas. The LED Light is powerful enough for all your camping needs and can also be used as an indoor lighting source at home and also inside the tents. The 5 modes of brightness help to set the tone of the light according to your preference. The brightest mode for pitch black areas or camps, the mid mode for lighting the outside of the camp and the third soft mode for interior lighting.

Limitless Outdoor Uses - Hiking, Exploring, Finding Your Way Home:
While we all rely on ultra-modern technology like smartphones, tablets and smart home accessories, sometimes there's just no substitute for a solid, sturdy lantern. After all, when you're deep in the woods and need to see your surroundings, your phone probably won't be much help - especially if the battery's dead. This is a dedicated outdoor exploration accessory, perfect for even the most demanding of activities.

Great for Indoors - Gardens, Sheds, Garages and More:
The importance of a well-lit environment when you're working in the garage or shed (or any dark room in the house) can't be overstated. Whether you're working through the night or you're the victim of a sudden power cut, don't be unprepared - this lantern isn't just for outdoor adventuring. 

5 Light Modes: 
Medium(default), Dim, Low, High, Flashing Strobe (SOS). You can change to any of these modes seamlessly by clicking the Bottom Power button. Portable and Lightweight. You can clip it to anywhere with the hook. Only 180g weight. 

SOS Lighting for Emergence:
CampMate-2, as the name suggests, is indeed a mate in the emergence and can be used as an SOS Emergency Light. When the LED Light is pressed on the light can be turned into an SOS Light, and it starts to flash a bright light in the SOS pattern. CampMate-2 can be used as a lifesaver for all your adventurous journeys.

Portable Lantern:
This LED lanterns are lightweight with compact size, finished with an ergonomic handle and just the right size to carry on hiking excursions, camping trips and during emergency situations. 

Flexible Hanging Strap for Versatile Usage Options:
Whether you're entertaining guests at a garden party or hiking somewhere on a distant mountain, this is the lantern for you. On top of this lantern is a Flexible Hand strap, ideal for hanging this lantern on a tree branch, a pole or simply for use as a carrying handle. 

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