Promate LED Solar Light, Wireless IP65 Water-Resistant Solar Spotlight Auto On/Off Wall Light with Dual Light Mode, 500 Lumen LED light and PIR Motion Sensor for Patio, Deck, Yard, Garden, Beacon-3

The Beacon-3 is a superior quality solar LED wall light that offers exceptional performance in a contemporary design. It has a minimal feel and is perfect for year-round use, as it has 2 adjustable working modes available. It also comes with IP65 water-resistance for added protection. It will charge during the day and automatically activate when it detects motion at night.


500 Lumen Super-Bright LED Lights:
Super Ultra bright LED lights! The brightest light solution with 500 Lumen Ultra bright LED light, it lights up to 3 hours of continuous lighting with a single full charge. When motion detection is triggered, The Beacon-3 goes to action with powerful LED white light to illuminate the targeted area, which in darkness could turn into a bright daylight. This is more than enough to deter intruders, warn people of somebody's presence or light the local area so that you can see where you're going.

Dual Lighting Modes:
Beason-3 offers 2 lighting modes for the perfect use. The first mode will automatically turn on to full brightness (500lm) triggered by motion and then turns to 3% brightness in 20 seconds when no motion is detected. While the second mode will turn on to full brightness all the time for a contentious light mode which allows it to be used in many ways.

Multi-Use Metal Handle:
The metal handle allows the Beacon-3 to be used as a security light is mounted on a wall, or as a floodlight if used with its adjustable angle to form the perfect directional lighting, or as a table light or ground light if used the handle as a kick-stand, or even portable as a camp light or a very handy flashlight. So many ways limited only by creativity.   

Motion Sensor and Wide Lighting Range:
The solar lights are equipped with upgraded sensor technology provides an extra wide motion sensing range of up to 6 meters with a 120-degree Wide sensing angle. Never worry about no detection.

Solar Powered with Rechargeable/Replaceable Battery:
Powered by 3000mAh Battery, there is no need clumsy, ugly, awkward and intrusive wiring around your property as this light is powered by natures greatest energy source - our sun to be absorbed and converted into stored energy to the battery, which can be easily replaced if needed. You don't need to use the light in the day, and the 'dusk 'til dawn' sensor will ensure the lamp won't activate in daylight anyway, so it's good news that this time is not wasted, rather spent recharging the integrated 3000mAh battery.

Energy Saving Solar Lights Outdoor:
Promate’s latest motion detection technology for outdoor solar lights means no need for extra electrical power that comes back in high electricity bills, just put it under the sunlight to absorb solar energy, harnesses the energy of the sun to light your night.

IP65 Waterproof:
Duo to cleverly design and IP65 waterproof level, solar motion sensor light can withstand rain, snow, sleet and other extreme weather conditions. Waterproof IP65 make the solar lights function well even in rainy days, and heatproof Great outdoor security night light for wall, patio, garden, porch, lawn, pathway, gutter, etc. It's specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Charge All Day, Shine All Night:
The beauty of having solar powered recharging is that it's not only very, very energy efficient and good for the environment, it also means you have a full battery charge to use every night, and this charge can provide all the power needed.

Ultra-Brighter and Long Solar Panel Lifespan:
Beacon-3 is the best light solution with 500 Lumen ultra-bright LED light, it lights up to 3 hours of continuous lighting with a single full charge. While its 50,000 hours solar panel lifespan that takes only 6 full hours to recharge (depending on the amount of sunshine).

Best for Outdoor Use:
This light is designed for outdoor use with very little or no maintenance. This also makes sense as it's solar powered. There's nothing to stop you using it indoors if you can guarantee a good amount of sunlight, but as it is intended for outdoor use primarily, it has been rated IP65. This means the weather will not affect it at all.

PIR Sensor Constantly and Efficiently Detects Movement:
The Motion Sensor Security Light from Promate features a passive infrared sensor, which is constantly scanning for movement. When motion is detected, the light will instantly switch on and stay on for 30 seconds after movement has ceased, then blink off as soon as that period elapses. The motion sensor hardly uses any battery power, it lasts up to 50 hours on a single charge - this is an efficient and convenient lighting solution. The light sensitivity meter will measure the amount of light too to detect if it needs to activate or not.

Completely Wireless with No Trailing Cables:
Promate’s Beacon-3 Sensor Motion Light is reliant on its internal battery that comes in 3000mAh, so there's no need to find a spare mains socket or run an annoying extension cable to your preferred location. Completely wireless for a hassle-free light in the dark. 

Easy Mounting:
All you need is a good location on an external wall. Consider a place that will get decent sunlight and consider the area that will be illuminated underneath. Make sure it's where you need it. All you do is fix it to a wall with the included fixings. If you cannot manage this yourself, any good tradesmen should manage it in minutes.

Wide Uses:
The solar light is a great outdoor light for the patio, garden, garage yard, driveway, outside wall, fence, etc. A Super-Bright light that provides you with premium lighting, convenience and security.

Color Black
Battery 3000mAh
Battery Type Beacon-3

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Promate LED Solar Light, Wireless IP65 Water-Resistant Solar Spotlight Auto On/Off Wall Light with Dual Light Mode, 500 Lumen LED light and PIR Motion Sensor for Patio, Deck, Yard, Garden, Beacon-3

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