Promate Magnetic Ac Vent Phone Mount, Universal Car Phone Mount Holder with Built-In 6 Strong Magnets, Anti Slip Surface and 360 Degree Rotation Air Vent for Smartphones, Mini Tablets, GPS, AirGrip-2 Blue

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Product Description

Setting your phone on a mount in your car has never been easier! No cradle, no bracket and no clamp. AirGrip-2 Mount Holder features magnetic technology, saving you the hassle of placing your smartphone securely and make sure it does not fall out. AIrGrip-2 is a space saver you now no longer have to keep your smartphone in the cup holder or dashboard.


Persistent and Powerful Magnetism: 
Promate car magnetic phone mount uses 6 strong magnets as the core component and increases the size of each magnet to achieve more powerful and durable magnetic attraction. Even if on bumpy roads or suddenly braking, your phone can be held firmly on the car phone holder to avoid falling or damage.

Simple and Quick Installation:
The Promate Magnetic Air Vent Mount features a double clip, allowing you to mount onto vertical and horizontal vent blades. This simple, yet highly functional design works by slotting onto one of your vent blades, thus removing the need for any suction cups, adhesives or special cases - which can be tiresome to fit and cause damage to your car's interior.

Easy and Convenient Operation:
With the compact size, the magnet mount phone holder saves your car space and it is convenient to install and remove. Use one hand to place your phone into or remove from the phone holder for car easily and rotate your phone 360° freely to choose the viewing position that suits your driving habit best.

Slim Case Compatible Design:
The Magnetic Air Vent Mount's design not only allows for quick and hassle-free docking, but it also allows you to leave your case on. Providing you have a slim case attached to your phone, you will still be able to dock your phone.

360° Rotation for a Comfortable Viewing Angle:
With the Promate Vent Mount's strong magnetic attraction holding your device in place, as well as a smooth ball joint, you can position your device at any angle you find comfortable.

Car Holder and Desk Stand:
Due to the Promate Air Vent Car Holder's compact and lightweight design it can also be used as a desk stand and used in various locations, either at home, in the office or in the car.

Metal Plates Provided:
Two slim, low-profile metal plates are provided with the Promate Magnetic Air Vent Mount allowing you to either stick the metal plate directly onto the back of your case or phone. Alternatively, you can place the plate in between a 2-piece case.

Universal Compatible:
The Promate Magnetic Air Vent Holder's cradle-free design allows for complete universal compatibility. This allows any smartphone, no matter how big or small, to work with this car holder. So, even if you upgrade or have multiple phones, you can dock effortlessly without the need to adjust the car holder itself every time.

•    Persistent and Powerful Magnetism
•    Simple and Quick Installation
•    Easy and Convenient Operation
•    Slim Case Compatible Design
•    360° Rotation for a Comfortable Viewing Angle
•    Car Holder and Desk Stand
•    Metal Plates Provided

Item specifics

  • Brand Promate
  • Color Blue
  • Warranty 24 months

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