Promate Power Bank, Ultra-Compact 20000mAh Portable charger with Ultra-Fast Charging Dual 2.4A USB Port and Over Charging Protection for Smartphones, Tablets, iPod, iPad Quantum-20 White

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Product Description

Charge your device on-the-go with this powerful 20000mAh lithium-ion power bank: Quantum-20. It features 2 ultra-fast USB charging ports to charge any USB chargeable device. Quantum-20 also includes Automatic Voltage Regulation i.e. it provides an optimum output based on the device connected. Quantum-20 is compatible with all smartphones & tablets.


20,000mAh Power Boost
The Promate Quantum-20 features an absolutely colossal 20,000mAh capacity, adding several full charges' worth of battery power to your smartphone or massively boosting the available charge available on any tablet or USB device.When your USB powered devices are running low, just connect them to the Promate Quantum-20 Power Bank via your own charging cable for quick and easy replenishment. The Promate Quantum-20 Power Bank is the ideal companion for your portable smart devices - so don't forget to bring it along on business trips and weekend getaways. This Bank really is the perfect travel companion.

Emergency Charging on The Go:
Simply connect your phone to the power banks with the universal USB port using your Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-C™ etc. with Cable, ensuring your device is ready for action wherever you are. Ultra-High Capacity of 20000mAh yet portable with built-in Li-Polymer battery cells can keep your devices running all the time.

Ultra-Fast Dual USB Ports:
Two High-Output ports get your drained devices up and running quickly. And the Powerful 2A Input means you can recharge twice as fast, so you can spend less time charging & more time doing.

Charge Two Devices Simultaneously:  
An Outstanding feature of this Portable Charger is that It includes Two USB Outputs. This means you can have 2 devices charging at the same time - reducing the overall amount of time you need to wait for your smartphone, tablet or another USB-powered device to be up and running.

Automatic Voltage Regulation:
Promate Quantum-20 features Smart Charging Circuitry to Provide Your Device with The Perfect Amount of Power for a Quick but Safe Charge.

Lightweight for Great Portability:
With its sleek design and convenient pocket-friendly size, the Promate Quantum-20 is ideal for travel as well as everyday use. Its lightweight build design will fit neatly into any backpack, luggage or jeans pocket with no trouble.

Power level indicator:
There is an integrated power level indicator button which indicates the battery level of the Promate Portable Battery pack through four light bars. This is perfect when you need to know when to recharge the pack and also helps to plan your movements.

Charge via Micro USB Charging Cable:
Recharging the Promate Card-10 Battery Pack is extremely easy, all you have to do is connect to a computer's powered USB port or a mains USB adapter, it really is as easy as that.

High Quality with Multiple Protection Systems:
Top circuit protection chip to ensure complete safety. It supports overcharging, over-voltage, over current, short-circuits and temperature protection to protect your devices.

Universal Charging Compatibility:
Keep your devices charged on the go with dual USB charging ports. Equipped with built-in led battery indicator. Designed to work with all popular USB powered devices from iPhones to Android phones, Tablets, Photography gear, Bluetooth Devices, Headphones and more. Whatever USB powered gear you have got, we have got you covered.

• 20,000mAh Power Boost
• Ultra-Fast Dual USB Port
• Automatic Voltage Regulation
• Emergency Charging on the Go
• Charge Two Devices Simultaneously
• Lightweight and Portable
• Safety Protection

Item specifics

  • Brand Promate
  • Color White
  • Warranty 24 months
  • Battery 20000mAh

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