Shiseido Waso Reset Cleanser Squad 3 X 70ML Set

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Shiseido Waso Reset Cleanser Squad 3 X 70ML Set

A colorful cleanser trio to match your mood, rinse away accumulated impurities and refresh your skin and self from inside-out.


A colorful cleanser trio to match your mood! Just as a juice cleanse detoxifies your body, these foaming cleansers with agar jelly help rinse away accumulated impurities and dissolve excess sebum from the pores. Seaweed Moisturizing Complex cleanses without stripping away essential moisture while three individual juice inspired cleansers, each which contain a special plant extract, help reveal a more refreshed you!

Non-Comedogenic, Dermatologist Tested


Dampen your face and squeeze the desired amount of cleanser into your palm. Gently massage it over your face to form a lather, while avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Use twice daily, morning and night.


Japanese Agar Jelly: Agar is known for its ability to rinse away accumulated impurities

Seaweed Moisturizing Complex: Seaweed alginate is known to form a protective barrier and helps retain moisture. Its high mineral and nutrient content adjusts the water-oil balance in skin.

Pick a cleanser to match your mood!

Wild Garden: For concentration

  • Contains Okra, which is known to be incredibly nourishing and is filled with nutrients like vitamin A, C, B, protein, calcium and others.
  • Features a refreshing scent to help sharpen your focus

Good Vibes: For a boost

  • Contains Karin, which contains health promoting nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • Features an energizing scent for lifting your mood.

Romantic Dream: For relaxation

  • Contains Kiichigo, which is known to have skin tightening properties which help improve the apperance of wrinkles and improve color complexion.
  • Features a sweet scent for calming your thoughts.

Item specifics

  • Brand Shiseido
  • Gender Women
  • Type Skin Care

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