Signature Sillaged Orient Garnet Men EDP 100ml

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Signature Sillaged Orient Garnet Men EDP 100ml




The GARNET has been widely known for thousands of years. It is often associated with the planet Mars, which represents survival, desire, action and energy. Many call it “the warriors stone”, as soldiers from different parts of the world wore this gem as a talisman against injury. But, it is also said to bring inspiring love, commitment, and contentment of the heart.

It is widely known for its hardness, yet captivating for the softness of its warm shine.


Just like the GARNET combines the power of ambition with the softness of affection, Signature – GARNET combines the masculine and the feminine, strength and delicateness.


It blends gentle and silky rose fragrances with the intense and raw aroma of oud to create a scent that is amazingly powerful and truly exceptional. A scent for the strong-willed and the passionate.

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