SUNROAD FR861 Digital Watch Fishing Hiking Compass Barometer Waterproof Sport Outdoor Men Watch

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The outdoor sports watch combines altimeter, barometer, compass,
fishing ​index, sunrise and sunset times, thermometer,log record, clock,
stopwatch, world time, calendar etc. Some special functions such as fish
intensity analysis and fish trend analysis are inserted into the watch.The
user guide explains the product function, working method and operation
method, meanwhile, it also list the applied living example. Each main
chapter explains a mode and a view thereof, also provides the setting
and using information of these views, therefore you can furthest enjoy
the outdoor activities you love.
 ●Time function : hour,minute,second,year(2010-2099),month,date
and week.
●Alarm reminding function
●Countdown Function(99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds~0)
●Stopwatch function(0~99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds 9), record
10 sets of value
●Sunrise and sunset times (Default 28 cities, calculate sunrise and
sunset times of any city)
●Compass, altimeter, barometer,temperature,pressure change trend
●Air pressure trend chart(latest 48 hours)
●7 days altitude,barometric record and check
●Sports time record, movement relative altitude check
●Total rising/declining altitude, highest and lowest point record check
●Digital compass,16 direction display
●Low Battery reminding function
●EL backlight function 

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