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  1. Tenda Tenda AC6 AC1200 Smart Dual-Band WiFi Router
    Special Price AED 102.00 Regular Price AED 206.00
    • 50% OFF
    • Save AED 104.00
  2. D-LINK D Link AX3200 Mesh Router M32 (3 Pack)
    Special Price AED 904.00 Regular Price AED 1,082.00
    • 16% OFF
    • Save AED 178.00
  3. TP Link TP LINK Deco M4 AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System 3…
    Special Price AED 489.00 Regular Price AED 583.00
    • 16% OFF
    • Save AED 94.00
  4. TP Link Tp Link TD-W9960 300Mbps Wireless N VDSL/ADSL Modem…
    Special Price AED 93.00 Regular Price AED 165.00
    • 44% OFF
    • Save AED 72.00
  5. D-LINK D-Link Eagle pro AI AX1500 smart Router
    Special Price AED 165.00 Regular Price AED 206.00
    • 20% OFF
    • Save AED 41.00
  6. D-LINK D Link Ac1200 WiFi Gigabit Router DIR 825M
    Special Price AED 127.00 Regular Price AED 201.00
    • 37% OFF
    • Save AED 74.00
  7. D-LINK D-Link DIR-612 Wireless N300 2.4Hhz Single Band Router…
    Special Price AED 67.00 Regular Price AED 103.00
    • 35% OFF
    • Save AED 36.00
  8. Huawei Huawei Wifi AX3 Quad-Core Router
    Special Price AED 287.00 Regular Price AED 335.00
    • 14% OFF
    • Save AED 48.00
  9. Huawei Huawei wifi mesh 3 AX3000 whole home wifi system
    Special Price AED 1,095.00 Regular Price AED 1,957.00
    • 44% OFF
    • Save AED 862.00
  10. Huawei Huawei WS7001 Wifi AX2 Router
    Special Price AED 182.00 Regular Price AED 263.00
    • 31% OFF
    • Save AED 81.00
  11. Linksys Linksys Dual Band Mesh WiFi 5 Router AC1300 MR6350 ME
    Special Price AED 290.00 Regular Price AED 412.00
    • 30% OFF
    • Save AED 122.00
  12. Linksys Linksys Dual Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router AX1800 MR7350 ME
    Special Price AED 469.00 Regular Price AED 572.00
    • 18% OFF
    • Save AED 103.00
  13. Linksys Linksys EA7300 Max Stream AC1750 MU MIMO Gigabit Wi-Fi…
    Special Price AED 274.00 Regular Price AED 346.00
    • 21% OFF
    • Save AED 72.00
  14. Linksys Linksys Hydra Pro 6E Tri‑Band WiFi 6E Mesh Router
    Special Price AED 1,029.00 Regular Price AED 1,441.00
    • 29% OFF
    • Save AED 412.00
  15. Linksys Linksys MX5502 Dual Band AX5400 Mesh WiFi 6 Router 2…
    Special Price AED 858.00 Regular Price AED 984.00
    • 13% OFF
    • Save AED 126.00
  16. Mikrotik Mikrotik CCR1036-12G-4S Router
    Special Price AED 4,223.00 Regular Price AED 5,356.00
    • 21% OFF
    • Save AED 1,133.00
  17. Mikrotik Mikrotik CCR1036-8G-2S+ Router
    Special Price AED 4,532.00 Regular Price AED 5,150.00
    • 12% OFF
    • Save AED 618.00
  18. Mikrotik Mikrotik CCR2004-16G-2S+ Ethernet Router
    Special Price AED 1,967.00 Regular Price AED 2,472.00
    • 20% OFF
    • Save AED 505.00
  19. Mikrotik Mikrotik RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition Ethernet Router
    Special Price AED 1,401.00 Regular Price AED 1,906.00
    • 26% OFF
    • Save AED 505.00
  20. Mikrotik Mikrotik RB3011UiAS-RM Ethernet Router
    Special Price AED 731.00 Regular Price AED 966.00
    • 24% OFF
    • Save AED 235.00
  21. Mikrotik Mikrotik RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD-IN Wireless Router for…
    Special Price AED 1,386.00 Regular Price AED 2,060.00
    • 33% OFF
    • Save AED 674.00
  22. Mikrotik Mikrotik RB4011iGS+RM Ethernet Router
    Special Price AED 922.00 Regular Price AED 1,015.00
    • 9% OFF
    • Save AED 93.00

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A router is a fundamental networking device that plays a central role in the functioning of computer networks. It acts as a traffic director, managing the flow of data packets between devices on a local area network (LAN) and external networks, such as the Internet. Routers are essential for connecting multiple devices to the internet and facilitating efficient data transfer. Here's a detailed description of a router:

Data Packet Routing: The primary purpose of a router is to route data packets between different networks. It determines the most efficient path for data to travel from the source device to its intended destination, ensuring that data reaches its target accurately and in a timely manner.
Network Address Translation (NAT): Routers often perform NAT, which allows multiple devices on a local network to share a single public IP address when accessing the internet. NAT enhances security and conserves public IP addresses.
Firewall and Security: Routers often include firewall capabilities to protect the local network from unauthorized access and external threats. They can block incoming and outgoing traffic based on predefined rules.
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol): Many routers provide DHCP services, dynamically assigning IP addresses to devices on the local network, simplifying network configuration for users.

CPU and Memory: Routers have a central processing unit (CPU) and memory to handle routing decisions, store routing tables, and run network protocols.
Ports: Routers typically have Ethernet ports for connecting wired devices, WAN (Wide Area Network) ports for internet connectivity, and wireless radios (in the case of wireless routers) for Wi-Fi connections.
Antennas: In wireless routers, antennas are used to transmit and receive Wi-Fi signals.
User Interface: Routers often feature web-based interfaces or mobile apps for configuration and management.

Wireless Routers:
Many modern routers are wireless routers, meaning they provide Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to wired Ethernet connections.
Wireless routers allow devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets to connect to the network without physical cables.
They often support multiple Wi-Fi standards (e.g., Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 5) and frequencies (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) for enhanced wireless performance.

Guest Network: Routers can create guest networks to provide internet access to visitors while keeping the primary network secure.
Quality of Service (QoS): QoS settings enable the prioritization of specific types of traffic (e.g., streaming, gaming) to ensure a better user experience.
Parental Controls: Some routers offer parental control features to manage and restrict internet access for children's devices.
VPN Support: Advanced routers may support VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections for secure remote access to the local network.

Configuration and Management:
Routers are configured and managed through a web-based interface accessible via a web browser. This interface allows users to set up network settings, security, and other features.
In summary, a router is a crucial networking device responsible for directing data traffic between different networks and ensuring secure and efficient communication. It is an essential component for connecting multiple devices to the internet and plays a fundamental role in modern computing and communication. Routers come in various types and models to cater to the needs of homes, businesses, and enterprises.