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Computer Parts

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  1. Asus Asus Rog Maximus xii Hero Wifi Motherboard Intel…
    AED 1,844.00
  2. Crucial Crucial Internal SSD 250GB 2.5 MX500 CT250MX500SSD1
    Special Price AED 122.00 Regular Price AED 160.00
    • 24% OFF
    • Save AED 38.00
  3. Crucial Crucial Internal SSD 2TB 2.5 MX500 CT2000MX500SSD1
    Special Price AED 480.00 Regular Price AED 525.00
    • 9% OFF
    • Save AED 45.00
  4. Crucial Crucial Internal SSD 4TB P3 Nvme M.2 (CT4000P3SSD8)
    Special Price AED 869.00 Regular Price AED 958.00
    • 9% OFF
    • Save AED 89.00
  5. Western Digital (WD) Western Digital (WD) Internal SSD 1TB SN850X M.2 Nvme…
    Special Price AED 411.00 Regular Price AED 448.00
    • 8% OFF
    • Save AED 37.00
  6. HP HP Nvidia Graphics Card T1000 4GB DDR6 (20X22AA)
    Special Price AED 1,452.00 Regular Price AED 1,648.00
    • 12% OFF
    • Save AED 196.00
  7. HP HP Nvidia Graphics Card T400 4GB DDR6 3 Mini DP…
    Special Price AED 685.00 Regular Price AED 757.00
    • 10% OFF
    • Save AED 72.00
  8. Gigabyte Gigabyte Nvidia Graphics Card RTX 4070Ti 12GB DDR6…
    Special Price AED 4,220.00 Regular Price AED 4,550.00
    • 7% OFF
    • Save AED 330.00
  9. Gigabyte Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce Graphics Card RTX 4070Ti…
    Special Price AED 4,129.00 Regular Price AED 4,228.00
    • 2% OFF
    • Save AED 99.00
  10. Asus ASUS Nvidia Geforce Graphics Card RTX 4060Ti 8GB DDR6…
    Special Price AED 1,730.00 Regular Price AED 1,813.00
    • 5% OFF
    • Save AED 83.00

Items 1-30 of 306

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Shop the Computer Parts at Godukkan and unlock amazing deals on a wide range of Computer Parts. Whether you're a student, a professional, or a gaming enthusiast, Godukkan has Computer Parts for every need. Here are some of the popular Computer Parts types you can find at Godukkan:

Central Processing Unit (CPU): Think of it as the brain of the computer. It processes instructions, performs calculations, and manages data.

Motherboard: The main circuit board that connects all the components. It's like the central hub, facilitating communication between the CPU, RAM, storage, and other peripherals.

Random Access Memory (RAM): This is the computer's short-term memory. It stores data that the CPU is currently using or processing. The more RAM, the better multitasking capabilities.

Storage (HDD/SSD): This is your computer's long-term memory. Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the most common types. SSDs are faster but generally more expensive.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): Often referred to as a graphics card, it's responsible for rendering images and videos. It's crucial for gaming, video editing, and other graphic-intensive tasks.

Power Supply Unit (PSU): Converts electrical power from an outlet into a usable form for the computer. It distributes power to the components.

Cooling System: Prevents the components, especially the CPU and GPU, from overheating. It usually includes fans and sometimes liquid cooling systems.

Computer Case: Houses all the components, providing protection and organization. Cases come in various sizes and designs.

Input Devices: This includes the keyboard and mouse. They allow you to interact with the computer.

Output Devices: The most common is the monitor, which displays the computer's output. Speakers and printers are also examples.

Networking Components: This includes the network interface card (NIC) for wired connections or a wireless card for Wi-Fi.

Peripheral Devices: Additional devices like printers, scanners, and external storage that connect to the computer.

BIOS/UEFI: Basic Input/Output System or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. It's firmware that initializes the hardware during the boot process.

Expansion Cards: Optional cards like sound cards or additional USB controllers that can be added to the motherboard.

Cables and Connectors: Various cables like SATA, USB, HDMI, and power cables that connect the different components.

Each part plays a crucial role in the overall functioning of the computer. The beauty lies in how they all work together harmoniously to create a seamless computing experience!

If you're looking to build or upgrade your computer, Godukkan seems like the place to be! At Godukkan, you'll find a wide array of computer parts that cater to every need and budget. From powerful CPUs to lightning-fast SSDs, they've got you covered.

Unlocking fantastic deals means you can get the best value for your money. Imagine snagging that high-performance graphics card or a spacious SSD at a price that leaves you smiling. Godukkan's selection ensures that whether you're a gaming enthusiast, a content creator, or someone looking for everyday computing, there's a deal waiting for you.

Navigating through their website must be like exploring a treasure trove of tech wonders. A motherboard that suits your needs, RAM to boost your system's speed, and a sleek case to house it all - Godukkan seems to have thought of everything.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to turn your computer dreams into reality. Head over to Godukkan, browse through their offerings, and let the fantastic deals unlock a world of possibilities for your next computing adventure!